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ICONES - Arthur Hubert Legrand

ICONES - Arthur Hubert Legrand

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Last 20 copies available out of the 620 printed, delivered with the collector's edition dust jacket tribute to Solomia and a surprise gift inside!

The very first monographic book by Arthur Hubert Legrand, edited and published by Normal Magazine (Editions Incarnatio). It brings together his most artistic work on 212 pages.

ICONES is ten years of shots brought together in a collection with sublime finishes, from the Breton coasts to the roofs of Paris. Photography always has the same mission, to capture the subject in a modern and natural way.

The nude appears here without modesty but also without pretense. The silhouettes do not stay in place, run, collapse or spring, charged with electricity and animated by a poetic movement. The skins are shiny under crushing lights or torn by ice.

You will fall into the eyes, sometimes black, sometimes a disturbing pale blue, of all these iconic models who parade page after page. The portrait takes a major place in ICONES. The line of a smile or the shadow of a look often convey strength and eroticism much better.

Fashion also finds its place there, but the fabric only partially wraps the body, torn away by the wind. The straps are never on the shoulders, they are free and invite the reader to lean into the image.

ICONES is a tribute to all the icons who have passed before the lens of Arthur Hubert Legrand.
Discover his world where delicacy has taken up residence.